Practice Schedule 2017
updated 7.18.17

Beginning practice times are when they start, NOT when you get to the field and get ready. Be sure you are out by the field and ready to begin at the start time. Also, we may adjust some practice days and/or times. We have scheduled the maximum amount and can trim them down if needed. Practices may include meetings, fitness/conditioning, video and/or field time so bring all of you needed items (see below for reference).

Monday-Friday (if no games)

Varsity 3:15-5:15 (2 hours)
3:15-3:30 Warm Up-set up gear, stretches/individual and partner stick skills
3:30-5:00 Practice*-group skills, team strategies, game-like drills, conditioning, scrimmage,
5:00-5:15 Cool down-stretch, clean up
JV-4:45-6:45 (2 hours)
4:45-5:00 Warm Up-set up gear, stretches/individual and partner stick skills
5:00-6:30 Practice*-group skills, team strategies, game-like drills, scrimmage
6:30-6:45 Cool down-stretch, clean up
*Our time at practice will be shorter but focused. Drills and scrimmages must be performed with game-like effort and will be used in-place-of or in-addition-to conditioning. Also, some practice schedules may be altered to include weight training. The start and end times should remain the same.

There will be some days that we will combine both teams for practice. Most likely these will be on Mondays. Check the Latest News and emails for any changes.

WHAT TO BRING:Bring your team journal to every practice. We will be reviewing plays/games, discussing strategy and having opportunities for self evaluation. Also be sure to bring a mouthguard, shinguards, goggles (once they are handed out), turf-style shoes, and running shoes to every practice. You will NOT be allowed to practice if you do not have the appropriate protective gear. Practice uniform consists of dark shorts (appropriate length or with bike-style shorts underneath) and a reversible practice jersey or light and dark spirit wear shirts (available for purchase).