This week

Important Reminders for This Week
Thursday-JV plays first against Presentation frosh at 3:30.  Varsity follows after.  JV needs to be ready to go no later than 3:00.  Varsity will help set up and then warm up at halftime.
Our Snap Raise fundraiser also ends this week.  Try one last time to get your final donations.
Friday-The field hockey teams will be recognized at the halftime of the football game.  Varsity will be called individually with JV recognized as a team.  Please wear any Branham FH gear that you may have.  Be at the entrance to the track two minutes before halftime.  Kickoff is at 7 p.m. so you should get there by 7:30.
IMPORTANT: We need volunteers to work the snack shack.  Our team is responsible for getting volunteers to work.  This is for parents and players to come and work shifts as well.  The link is listed below and is on the Latest News page of the website.  We also earn money for our team by working there.  Parents can sign up at the link.  Players will sign up for hour shifts with the coach.!/showSignUp/805044ba9a72ea75-plsvolunteer

Back to Normal

Hopefully you all survived the heat. Things should be back to normal this week. Here is what is happening:

Monday-Regular practice schedule. It is the 4 week required grade check so bring your grades printed out or on your phone.
Tuesday-Home game against Monta Vista.
Wed.-Regular practice schedule-skills and stations (forward deflecting and others
Thurs.-Regular practice schedule
Friday-It is an away football game so we will be out on the field for some full field practice. We are scheduled from 3:15 until 4:30. We will let you know specifics by Thursday.
Sat.-Flea Market-Many of you have signed up but we need more. We will have the signup sheet at practice. Also, bring things to sell and baked goods (individually wrapped for sale) to sell. This is one of the biggest fundraisers of the year and all players are expected to contribute time and/or sale items. A shift is for two hours.

We would like to meet with both JV and varsity captains at the end of Wed. practice to plan retreat and some team bonding.

IMPORTANT: If you have the older set of uniforms or you purchased your own set and need to return the loaners, please wash (gentle cycle or hand and hang dry) and bring them on Friday. We should be getting in our orders this week. We did order some extras so you can still get in on the gear.

Week of 9/6

Monday-This is Labor Day so many are out of town. We still have the field reserved for our regular practice time in case any of you want to go practice. If you are interested in a walk/run and breakfast you need to text Tina. We will meet at the overpass bridge in Los Gatos at 9:15 and head out by 9:30. It takes about an hour to hike the entire route. YOU MUST TEXT IF YOU PLAN TO GO.

Tues-This is the Leigh game. We are dedicating it to the Best Buddies program and will have many of those students as our guests. We will also have guest coaches and ball persons. JV, you will sit with them until you go warm up. Varsity, at the conclusion of the game you will match up with a Best Buddy student and show them how to shoot into a goal. We will give them a chance with a small prize whether they make it or not.

Wed.-We may change up the practice schedule as it is our only opportunity to practice with our teams this week.

Thursday-We have our first away game against Lynbrook. Varsity will be dismissed from class at 2:00. It only takes 15 min. traffic but that dismissal time will give you some breathing room. Only parents that have filled out AND TURNED IN the district driving form to the BHS office can take players other than their own daughter. No player is allowed to drive another player unless they are siblings.

Friday-We have practice scheduled from 3:15 to 4:30. It is a home football game so we may just meet in teams and do a short neighborhood run. We will let you know on Thursday.

Video scavenger hunt-Please send video to or We would like to put together clips that can be shown at the retreat.

Snap Raise-As of right now, we have raised $830. That is great, but we can still do more. Get out those emails and Facebook mentions. The money goes to help cover costs of coaches, extra equipment, senior night, team end-of-season dinners and more. Don’t be embarrassed to contact someone. If they don’t want to be a part, they can simply delete. Many times people would love to support and just need a way to do so.