Weekly Review 10.27

Only 2 weeks left in the season. It’s hard to believe it is coming to an end. There are a lot of things going on so check them out below.

Games-This week is away at Leland on Tuesday and at home on Thursday against SJ (and Mitty frosh for JV). Varsity will get out at 2:00 on Tuesday and 2:15 on Thursday. Next Tues is away at Del Mar with a 3:00 start time (NOTE: change due to daylight savings time) and 4:30 for JV.

Senior Night-Thursday, Nov. 6th is senior night. The JV game is at 4:30 and the senior game will begin at 6:15 after a recognition ceremony.

Participation and Equipment Bills-Please pay your donation and equipment costs ASAP. We are still missing payments from several of you. That money is taken out of our account whether you pay or not, so please get your payment in right away so we can have money for senior night and to pay coaches.

Fall-Sports Banquet-This is scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 2nd. It is a night for all of the fall sports to get together and have players and teams recognized for their accomplishments. Dinner is available and profits will be split between Boosters and Branham field hockey....so please order. Fall Sports Banquet Order Form

JV Los Altos Tournament-The tournament is this Sat., Nov. 1st from 8:15-3:30. Bring food, music and money-if you want to buy a stick.
Los Altos JV tournament schedule

Glamour Shots-This Wed. from 3-4, Jeff Eich will take team and small group photos. Groups can include buddies, grades, friends, etc. After pics are finished or by 4, there is a mandatory meeting for all freshmen, sophomores and juniors only.

Crab Feed
-Scheduled for Sat., Jan 24th at 6:00 p.m. This is a big fundraiser for the Boosters. If we sell at least 25 tickets, we will get to split the profits. Please try to get 2-4 tickets sold. Crab Feed Ticket Form

Updates for the Week of 10/19

This is homecoming week so it may be a crazy time for many of you. Be sure to manage your time wisely, get sleep and eat healthy food.

Games this week-Sobrato is on Tuesday AT Sobrato and league-leading Westmont is on Thursday at home. Varsity, you can leave class at 2:00 on Tuesday and get on the road no later than 2:15. It will take 23 min (according to GPS) but the later you leave, the more traffic you will hit. JV, try to leave as soon as you can as well. The address is 401 Barnette Ave in Morgan Hill. FYI-the fields are a bit of a walk from the parking lot.

Wednesday practice-Since the homecoming rally is scheduled for that day, the coaches will adjust practice times. They will let you know the specific schedule at practice on Monday. There is NO practice on Friday.

Donations/bills-Please be sure to bring in money for your bills or for your participation donation. If you don’t pay for the donation, you must find another way to raise funds for the program.

We only have a few weeks left of the season. Work hard and give it all that you have. Go Bruins!!!

Starting the 2nd Half

After Tuesday’s game, we will be halfway through the regular season. Here are a few reminders.

Participation Donation-Many of you have not paid your donation yet. Even though it is a donation, the $50 is taken out of our account at the end of the season. Right now that would mean almost $1000. You will receive a form this week with a reminder of that and any missing payments for equipment.

Games-This week’s games are at University and Willow Glen. Plan on an hour and 15 min. to get to the field as sometimes traffic problems may pop up. Varsity, you will be excused to leave at 1:05. That will give you 15 min. in that last period to check in with your teachers. On Tuesday, let’s meet at the rock at 1:15 to make sure everyone has rides-that way we can caravan up there. JV, you do not need to get there at the start of Tuesday’s game, but you should be there by 4 or 4:15 so you can warm up. JV, meet at the rock by 2:45 so that you can be sure everyone has rides as well.

Tuesday’s game is at
Pollicita Middle School-550 E. Market St., Daly City.

Varsity, you can leave class at 2:15 on Thursday since Willow Glen is not that far away.

Buddy Gift-This week is time to decorate something for your buddy. It can be a tee, headband or something else that you can personalize. Have fun begin creative.

Team Pictures-We will have our official pictures this Friday, Oct. 17th. You will get order forms this week. There will be team and individual/buddy pics as well. We will do our glamour shots later in the month.