Conferences and Team Dinners

Conferences are set for all returning players. They will be on Monday or Thursday in Eich’s room. Below the times and players are listed. If you are a returning player and are not listed, try to schedule a time to come in. Also, please bring any uniform or other items that were checked out so that you don’t receive a bill.

Also, the JV team dinner at Mt. Mike’s Pizza has been rescheduled to this Thursday at 5:30. Remember this is FREE to you and we want you all to be there. Varsity will schedule their dinner after the Fall Sports Awards dinner.

Conference Schedule:

Monday 11/18
3:20 Whitney
3:30 Olivia
3:40 Sarah G.
3:50 Hannah O.
4:00 Arella
4:10 Sandra
4:20 Sierra
4:30 Kat
4:40 Sarah H.
5:30 Lulu

Thursday 11/21
3:20 Danielle
3:30 Maria
3:40 Dayra
3:50 Marisa
4:00 Julieann
4:10 Hannah Z
4:20 Madison
5:10 Rachel
5:20 Kaitlyn
5:30 Sydney