Fall Sports Banquet

The Fall Sports Banquet is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 27th. Be sure to have you and your family purchase tickets by Tues., Nov. 20th. All the information is available in the flyer.

2012 Fall Banquet Flyer

Final Turn-In's

Listed below are all of you that still owe items as of Nov. 10th. If you have already turned in the item(s) you don’t need to do anything. These need to be taken care of by Friday, Nov. 16th or you will be billed by the office for the replacement cost. We will repost the list after Friday so you can see if you still owe anything.

Some of names listed are no longer on the team. If you see one of these players, please let them know.

Jenny, Abby, Courtney, Taylor, Jeanette, Sarah C., Sara S., Natalie, Sammi, Christine, Kat, Ciara, Hannah Z, Jessica, Danessa, Kelsey, Percy, Ashley, Olivia, Madison

Binders: (Be sure to label-you will get these back next season)
Madison, Hannah Z. Jessica, Ashley, Percy, Sierra, Ciara, Kaitlyn B., Sandra, Danessa, Kelsey, Arella, Hayley, Selena, Kristin U., Beth, Sammi


Loaner jerseys:
Ashley (preseason-2 tops, 2 bottoms), Arella (white skirt), Percy (preseason-2 tops, 2 bottoms)

Uniform orders: (you have already received a bill or been notified)
Caitlin S.

End of Season Stuff

Great final weeks of games from both teams. It was great to be the blemish in Willow Glen’s perfect season. Way to go varsity. Also, many Willow Glen fans were so impressed that we included their senior in the ceremony. What a great example of Honoring the Game.

Varsity vs. Football-The game is on for 4:30 on Monday. Varsity and JV be there around 4:00 to set up. If a group of you could come at 3:30, we could use you to help move equipment out of our shed. The more there are, the easier it will be. There will be a short clinic on skills and rules for the boys so that we can keep the game safe. Eich will be a ref to make sure the boys play by the rules. It should be a lot of fun. We’ll play for about 30 min. Varsity, you can wear your white uniforms or just shorts and the white side of your reversible.

GOALIES-We need both JV goalies as well so you can play in the goal. You can split the time or one of you can play the entire time. Don’t forget your stuff. If you bring your gear, maybe we could put one of the guys in it instead. :)

Both teams-bring anything you have borrowed (goggles, stick bags, binders, pre-season uniforms). You will be billed for anything you do not turn in. Seniors, you can keep your binder if you would like. Also, JV bring your sticks (and if you can shin guards) so that the boys will have sticks that they can use.

JV team dinner-Thursday, Nov. 8th at 4 pm at Mt. Mikes. You can go there directly or walk over together. You meal will be taken care of. Be sure to come with funny stories and great memories from the season.

Varsity Event-Monday, Nov. 12 from 6-8 pm. You will receive more information on this later. Be sure to mark it on your calendar.