Back to the Basics

We’re Back!!! The first two days of tryouts were awesome. We have returning experience, growing skills, and enthusiastic newbies. This should be a great year with the emphasis of TEAM. Even watching the first scrimmages, we saw so many examples of working together, communication and effort. Great job, ladies.

By the way the
season schedule has been update as well as the Google and monthly calendars. You may want to print these out and have them accessible throughout the season.

For this week....

School begins on Monday. Best wishes to all of you especially the freshmen. Varsity practice will begin on Monday at 3:30 to give you time to get out there. Our seniors will lead warm ups, stretching and basic stick work. All returning players should be at this practice. We will begin to separate into teams on Tuesday. Teams will be posted on Thursday night although there will probably still be changes into Sept.

JV practice begins at 4:45. All new players (except new seniors) should be at this practice. Remember that all players should have shin guards, mouth guards and comfortable turf-style shoes (soccer cleats will work for now). Also bring a reusable water bottle as well.

Please be flexible this week as there are a lot of check off and check out things to do. On Wed., we will all meet at 3:15 and have our first timed mile. On Friday, we will be checking out uniforms, goggles, stick bags and any other equipment. On Monday we will be handing out all of the specific letters and forms that need to be read and returned. Please make sure all of these are signed and returned by Aug. 28th.

As this year’s focus is on team, this is a great quote from the basketball legend, Magic Johnson.

“Ask not what your teammates can do for you. Ask what you can do for your teammates”

We hope that this can be the mantra for all of us this year, including coaches. We are already excited to see the amazing teamwork and positivity this soon in the season. Keep it up Bruins!!!

Tryouts and Registration

The tryout schedule and info is listed in the previous entry. All players must be registered online and complete all requirements before they tryout. If they are not cleared online, they WILL NOT be allowed to tryout.

Tryout Schedule
Register My Athlete online instructions

Please contact us if you have any questions. This is a new program but should streamline the athlete participation form process.

Also, the
season and monthly calendars have been updated as well as the Branham Field Hockey Google calendar. You will be notified of any updates or changes.