Ready, Set, Go!

This week starts our season and we have two full teams, three goalies and players that are ready to BRING IT every day. JV players are learning quickly and varsity positions are starting to solidify. Here are the happenings for this week.

Monday-enjoy your day off. Maybe get in a run or practice some stick skills
Tuesday-regular practice schedule-uniforms will be handed out for those of you not ordering
Wed. All players meet at 3:15. Kim will check you in and you will partner (or group) up for a 30 min. run. (see binder for routes). Go with someone that is your pace. This is a recovery run. You should be able to have a conversation.
Thursday-Game against Los Altos AT HOME. Varsity to begin warm-up at 2:45. JV must be there at Varsity start time (3:30)
Friday-All meet for a recovery run at 3:15 then team meetings at 3:45-4:30

Spiritwear orders are due on Friday. Pay at the student store (open at lunch) and attach your receipt to the order form. Sports donations ($50) can be paid at this time as well.

BHS Crabfeed is in Jan., but Branham field hockey gets $1000 toward our program if we sell 25 tickets. You can share credit if your child plays two sports or just list field hockey and we will get full credit. Please spread the word.

Parents...we NEED your help. The
Season Parent Letter was handed out at the Sports Meeting. Sign up and return the sheet to show where you would like to help. Also, we need drivers. If you are able to drive, you MUST fill out the Branham High School Driver Information form and turn it into the office. Please do this ASAP as we have away games coming up soon. Also, we are signed up to be recognized as a team on Friday, Sept. 19th at the halftime of the football game. Our team is also responsible for working the Snack Shack. Last year we had a ton of volunteers. This year, let’s do the same AND we will get a percentage of the profit to go to our team account. Please sign up here.

Trivia/Question of the week:
JV-What do you like most about field hockey so far?
Varsity-What outcome do you want for this team (i.e.. league champs, CCS, being more cohesive, winning ___ games) AND what would a team aiming for that outcome look/sound/feel like? (i.e.. If the outcome is to be more cohesive, then you might hear lots of positive talking, smiles, see everyone working together to clean up, lots of fun and supporting each other when you make mistakes. If it is winning the league....what would that look like everyday?)

NOTE: ( your thoughts in response to this question. We will talk about that this week. Everyone that responds by 6 p.m. on Monday, Sept 1, will get a little treat.

Weekly Updates:

Monday 8/25-regular practice/
FALL SPORTS PARENT MEETING 7 pm in the caferia

Tues 8/26-regular practice (Tina won’t be there due to her Back-to-School Night)

Wed 8/27-3:30 until 5:30. All players wear comfortable clothing and bring binders. We will meet in the gym and listen to a sports psychologist then have a power yoga workout. If you have a yoga mat, bring it.

Thurs 8/28-regular practice

Friday 8/29-3:30-4:45ish. Meet in the gym with binder. You don’t need to dress out unless we decide to go out and scrimmage or work on corners since football won’t be there. We can decide this week.

A Bit More:

Great job this week. We still have a few more girls coming out but could use 2-3 more on JV-including someone willing to play goalie. Talk to your freshmen and sophomore friends and have them come out.

If you haven’t returned your permission slip and blue information sheet, please bring it on Monday.

Sign up for Remind so that you can get team texts
Parents-408.680.5334 with @b2d7a as the message
Players--408.680.5334 with @d8d28 as the message

FH trivia question of the week: What is Constance Applebee known for (as it relates to field hockey). Respond with your answer at The first to respond correctly will receive a little prize on Monday at practice.


Varsity Post and Last Minutes

As we said, we are posting the varsity team as of today’s tryouts. We will do a varsity and JV final post on Thursday evening. That will include all of the additional players that were at tryouts.

Varsity Team as of 8/16
Kaitlyn Burguillos
Katerina Coursey
Sydney Earl
Sarah Hill
Rachel Martin
Madi Wood
Whitney Albright
Sandra Herrera
Morgan Waltrip

On Monday, the regular practice schedule will begin with varsity from 3:15-5:15 and JV at 4:30-6:30. Those of you that are seniors and the girls from varsity last year will attend the varsity practice time. All others will come to the JV practice time. Be sure to come early as the practice will start at 3:15 or 4:30 so get out to the field so you are ready to go. If you don’t have your blue sheet, be sure to stop in the office as soon as possible and drop off your forms and/or get your blue sheet.

Best wishes for the start of school on Monday. We are off to a great start with field hockey. All of the coaches are super excited for this year. Let’s get ready to BRING IT!!! Go Bruins!

Count Down Is On!!!

Only five days until tryouts start. You have some important paperwork that needs to be completed and turned in before you can tryout. See the tryouts page for more information and the required paperwork.

Also, there is a sports physical scheduled for 2 p.m. on Monday, August 11th. Get there early because lines will get long-first come-first serve. Get your paperwork filled out and bring it to the physical, along with $20, and you can turn in all of your information to the office. When they receive it, you will get a blue sheet that you will bring to tryouts. No blue sheet, no tryouts. DON’T WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE-it may take some time to process your paperwork.

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5 DAYS!!!

Updated Tryout information

Tryout information has been updated. (See tryout page) Don’t forget to get your paperwork ready and go to the physical that is scheduled at BHS (or your own doctor). If your paperwork has not been approved, you will not be allowed to try out. NO exceptions.

We hope you are ready to “Bring It” this year, each practice and every time that you step on the field. We will be saying “Bring It’ to every team we play. We will expect the best from every team and we will be ready to “Bring It” every time. The count down begins. Go Bruins!!!

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