Longhorn Schedule Posted

The Longhorn Tourney Schedule is posted below. Be sure to be at the field and ready to go at least 45 min. before the first game of the day. Varsity needs to bring both uniforms and socks.

Also, I am pretty sure there will be items for sale. You may want to bring money (or your parent) to make some purchases.

Longhorn Tourney Schedule

JV and Varsity teams listed

Listed below are the varsity and jv teams for this portion of the season. We still have spots open on varsity and will try to fill them by the start of the league games. This will allow us to see players in game competition.

Due to the large number of jv players, not everyone will play every game. In the next week or two we will evaluate and have personal conferences with jv players so they know where they stand and can make their own choices. Both team lists will be finalized before the first league game.

Regular practice times start next Monday. Varsity is at 3:15-5:15 and jv is from 5:00-6:30.

Congrats to all of you. This looks like it is going to be a great season!


Danessa Augenstein
Hayley Martinez
Nat Dorsey
Allie Lawrence
Sammi Stuehler
Kaitlyn Burguillos
Madison Wood
Sydney Earl
Katerina Coursey
Christine Delong
Sarah Hill

Angelica Blas
Arella Cerrillo
Hannah Zawacki
Siera Bobzien
Courtney Simmerok
Fiorella Castaneda
Maria Castro
Sandra Herrera
Whitney Albright
Caitlin Steffenson
Vickey Gamon-Luna
Julie Ann Kimbouri
Danliele Dguman
Morgan Waltrip
Lulu Wang
Olivia Mota
Jessica Ungelbach
Dayra Martinez
Sarah Growitz
Rachel Martin
Hannah Ortler
Marisa Silva
Ashley Lawrence

Varsity Team-First Round

Listed below is the first round varsity team selection. Additional players will be selected in the next round and posted on Friday. We may decided to keep some players at the jv level to gain more experience and then move them up when they are ready. Continued selection also will depend on the ability to try out as several players have been out due to injury.

Congrats to those selected: (I apologize for misspelled names as I don’t have a list in front of me)

Sarah H.