Preseason Rosters Posted

We have posted the pre-season rosters with numbers so parents can cheer on specific players. Once the season begins the rosters will be updated. They are posted in the resources page at the top.

First Game Is In the Books


Some of the varsity girls as they proudly wear their rally jersey

One down……many to go. Great job to both teams. These games gave the coaches the opportunity to see your skills and potential while under pressure. We were also able to try people at different positions. Thanks so much for your flexibility and willingness to try new things. There were many positive things to focus on and also areas that we will continue to practice. We are starting the season where we ended last year so we have made a lot of progress. Kudos to you girls. :)

Here is the schedule for Wed:

  • Both teams meet in Eich’s room at 3:30 for a talk-bring your binder to take notes
  • At 3:45ish we will head to the track for a two-mile run mixed with stairs
  • When we are done (around 4:30ish) we will head to the pool deck for a triathlon of swimming, painting and eating)
  • You are free to leave at 5:30. You are not required to swim….just to attend. :)

HOMEWORK: Take time tonight to journal your thoughts about today’s game. Focus on your play and be sure to list any questions you might have and things you want to work on. You can also focus your journal on the tryout and beginning of the season so far. Just write what comes to mind.

JV Team Posting

Sorry this is so late…..we just got home.

We know that many of you have been waiting patiently (and anxiously) to find out if you made the team. Just so you know, Eich and I spent the last 1.5 hours debating on who will make the team. There were 12 or 13 players that we knew for sure but were uncertain about the others. We had to look at potential, effort, ability to develop skills, and overall benefit to the team. Also know that if you have been selected this year, it doesn’t guarantee that you are on the team next year. You will have to work hard to continue to grow as a player. If you did not get selected, please feel free to talk to Coach Eich or myself.

IMPORTANT: All players (JV or VARSITY)that are interested in purchasing a stick must come to the field at 3:30. Our vendor will be there to let you try out some sticks. You can bring a blank check or pay later (and get your stick later). All players must stop by Eich’s room on Friday to pick up goggles and uniforms.

JV Roster (please pardon any misspellings):
Hannah Z.
Caitlyn (goalie)
Araya (goalie)
Sierra D.
Hannah O.
Sarah G.

The Updated Schedule

Here is the schedule for the rest of this week:

Wed., 8/22 NOTE: These times are different than usual due to both coaches needing to attend a meeting at 6:00
V- 3:30-4:45 We will work on positions and corners
JV- 4:15- 5:30 Work on passing and moving to create space

Final Varsity and JV rosters to be posted Wed. evening. There is a parent meeting at 7pm in the gym.

Thurs. 8/23 These will be regular practices. We will switch team bonding to next week (maybe Wed-we will confirm by Monday).
V 3:30-5:30
JV 5:00-6:30 (see below in red about getting a stick)

Any girls wanting to purchase a new stick needs to be at the field at 3:30 (Thursday). Our stick guy will be there with sticks to try out. Most sticks are around $75-110 depending on style and preference. Bring a blank check or your parent so you can get a stick that works for you.

Fri., 8/24 No practice. Meet in Eich’s room (3:30 varsity/3:45 JV) to get goggles and/or uniforms. Back to School Dance-Have Fun!!!

Uniform orders are due today. Either pay your check at the student store and attach the receipt to your order form OR staple the check to your order form. Order forms need to be turned in to either coach.

NOTE: Next week begins the regular practice schedule. The home game scheduled against Leland on Tues. will probably be played at Leland. We are waiting for confirmation.

Monday's Practice

Everyone not selected for varsity needs to be at tryouts on Monday. Varsity that need to finish up some tryout tests need to be there as well but can leave as soon as they have completed their tasks. The mile run and 100/50s will be done first.

Practice is from 3:15-5:15.

Flea Market Help Needed!

Listed below are the kids/parents that have volunteered to come and help this Saturday at the flea market:

Hayley/Jenny/Sammi/Coach Eich

Caylie/Whitney/Kat/Kat’s mom/Hannah O./Hannah’s mom/Beth

10:30-12:30/1:00 (clean up)
Coach Tina

We need more players at the later times to help with clean up. Selena, you said you were available anytime. How about the 10:30-12:30? Also, if you are bringing items or goodies to sell, look for the head table area and bring them by 8:30. Look for Coach Eich and Tina.

First Round Varsity Selection

Before we list the first round varsity team, there are a few important announcements. I apologize for the amount of information.

CHANGE TO THIS THURSDAY-Thursday’s practice was originally opened to only 9th grade. This has been changed….ALL first year players must come on Thursday (regardless what grade they will be in) from 1-2:30. This will allow some instruction time so you can show what you have learned next Monday and Tues. Please pass the word.

FLEA MARKET HELP-We need a lot more students to sign up for the flea market this Sat. Please contact Coach Eich at, Coach Tina at OR either of us at Let us know when you can work and what you will bring. We especially need parents to sign up.

CHANGE TO NEXT WEEK’S SCHEDULE-Due to recently scheduled events….and it being the first week of school for both students and coaches, there are slight changes to next week’s schedule. Please read carefully.

Monday, 8/20-This practice is for all players not chosen for varsity. Varsity players with tryout requirements pending will finish them at the beginning as all 50/100 and mile times will be completed.

Tuesday, 8/21
-Divided practice, same as calendar (varsity to go over binder/JV to finish tryouts) FINAL VARSITY AND JV POSTED IN THE EVENING.(NOTE: this was originally listed as Monday evening)

Wednesday, 8/22
-All 4 mile make-ups (new and returning players) will begin at 3:45. Come to practice at 3:30 to warm up. Varsity practice from 3:30-4:45/JV practice from 4:15-5:30 (those JV making up the 4-mile run can stay until practice starts). JV will review the team binder.

Thursday, 8/23-Team Bonding. Be at the field at 3:30. Bring running shoes and your swim suits. We will run a mile, work on some projects and have open pool time (you will not be required to swim, just attend). This will end at 5:30.

Friday, 8/24
-Back-to-School Dance. Go and celebrate the first week of school. NO PRACTICE!!!


This posting includes only those players that have attended at least one tryout day and is listed in no particular order. If names are misspelled, please let us know as we copied them directly from the blue sheets. Also those selected to varsity are not guaranteed to a minimal playing time. Playing time is based on ability and physical training level.

*these players still need to complete a timed tryout requirement. If you do not need to make up any tests, we will see you at 3:30 on Tuesday. Have a great first day of school!

Sarah C.
Sara S.
Sarah H.*
Allie* IR (Injured Reserve)

On Your Marks, Get Set, Go!!!

With the Olympics wrapping up, Branham Field Hockey is starting up. Today we had a great turnout. You can check out the tryout schedule to see what you missed and will need to make up. Many more players will be coming out after they get their paperwork turned in and receive their blue slips. We will see all of you on Monday at 5 p.m.

One of the first things we’re doing on Monday is the four-mile run. Some of you asked what the route is so you could try it or at least have an idea. Basically, if you leave the track and head south on Meridian (towards Redmond Ave.) until you are at the Rite Aid sign in the shopping center at Meridian and Redmond. If you go all the way to Redmond Ave., it is 2.1 miles. You will head right back up Meridian to the track where you will finish the 4-mile run.

I have to say one of the best parts of today was to see the positive teamwork and support. There was so much encouragement through all of the drills and timings. Several of the players even joined runners to keep them encouraged to the end of the mile. Way to go Bruins. This is the type of team we all want to be a part of. Way to push yourselves and do your best.

Tryouts and Resources Available

Tryouts are starting this Saturday. Check the schedule for tryouts and be sure to have all of your paperwork turned in to the office. You can go to the resources page and check out what skills will be tested each day.

Also, the
uniform order sheet is on the resources page as well. You can also check out the team handbook which will be part of the binder you will be receiving for this year as well.

We’ll see you this Sat. at 9 a.m. GO BRUINS!!!